For us, stadium consulting is more than just a job.

We make host cities.

Success in bidding for international events like UEFA Euro 2024® is a result of perfect preparation. We offer tailor-made bid documents and project support.


The project engineers from Munich

Operating a sports stadium requires an experienced team and a functioning routine. Exceptional tasks, unanticipated problems or special events, however, also demand full concentration. Can this be managed on the side? Not possible. This is where Companeer comes into play. We skillfully combine project experience and engineering talent with creativity and excellent communication skills.

A win for your stadium

Safety and mobility? Stadium expansion, renovation or modernization? Hosting an international competition or applying for one? We competently advise you and bring our experienced team with us. The result: a great stadium experience of the highest standards.

Power and enthusiasm

Our team

We love what we do. We enjoy challenges. We are at home with the big picture as well as with the nitty gritty details. Plus, we are a strong team. All of this gives us the power to take on demanding projects – and always to fulfil our own mission: to be the best.


Your job?

You are a team player – but you also have a mind of your own.

You are interested in a long-term partnership – but you are always open to trying new things.

You are creative – but you also have a structured way of working.

You love technology – but you know that the solution to any problem is found in people’s hearts.

Four out of four?

Then impress us with your professional qualifications in architecture, construction or project management.

And let yourself be impressed by our exciting projects, the nicest colleagues and the most delicious cappuccino in town.