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Companeer congratulates Pöcking on the Regional Timber Construction Award for their “beccult”

Good thing there’s social media. Otherwise, while being in Toronto we might not have even noticed this news from the Starnberger Merkur:

Pöcking – For three and a half years, the Beccult has been the social and cultural center in Pöcking. In November 2019, the house of the citizens was inaugurated, since then it has been permanently used and booked, thanks to its particularly thorough ventilation also gladly in the Corona time. Both, the shooting club and the brass band feel very much at home in the “Haus der Vereine” next door. Now the ensemble has also received a sign of recognition from outside Poecking. Bavaria’s Minister of Construction Christian Bernreiter honored the ‘Beccult’ with the Regional Wood Construction Award of the State Government. This also means that the Free State will transfer 10,000 euros in prize money to the Pöcking account.

The award is a well-deserved recognition for the community of Pöcking, which relentlessly believed in creating a special center for citizens and clubs.

We too are proud of this award. This is because we were privileged to support the municipality of Pöcking during an almost three-year consultation process in order to turn the vague vision of a house for citizens and local clubs into a social and cultural hub in the municipality that meets the expectations of all citizens while remaining within budget.

“We are very grateful for the trust and open-mindedness that the whole community of Pöcking and especially its mayor Rainer Schnitzler have shown towards our ideas,” says Thomas Albinger, Managing Director of Companeer. “Beccult today is a remarkable example of innovative architecture and sustainable construction. The Regional Timber Construction Award of the Bavarian State Government is not only an acknowledgement for the hard work, but also a reward for the commitment of the municipality of Pöcking to sustainable construction and social cooperation. This was worth every discussion we had.”

Companeer looks forward to continuing the region’s success story with the community of Pöcking in the future.

More information about the project and Companeer’s involvement can be found here.

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