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Project duration
04/2017 – 10/2020
01/2017 – 09/2019
03/2017 – 01/2019

We do Host Cities


The German Football Association intends to bid for UEFA Euro ® 2024. He wants to enter the race against rival Turkey with a selection of strong host cities.

To this end, he conducted a preliminary competition using UEFA’s strict tender criteria as a benchmark: over 200 questions from 11 subject areas (sectors) had to be answered within eight weeks.

In the highly competitive field of 18 applicants, all three cities supported by Companeer prevailed: Munich, Gelsenkirchen and Cologne are among the ten host cities with which the DFB is confident going into the bid.


Success in bidding for an international sports competition like UEFA Euro ® 2024 requires perfect preparation. The questions of the organizer had to be answered with attractive concepts and in detail within the very tight time window.

Companeer developed all content in intensive coordination with the respective stadium operator and a large number of local stakeholders, such as municipal authorities and departments, the respective state football association, the fire department, the police, transport companies, local soccer clubs, schools, translators, draftsmen and designers, to name a few.

Given the DFB’s emphasis on stadium-related issues in evaluating applicants, the careful consideration of stadium-related questions was an investment well spent:

From the designation of hospitality areas, parking facilities, conference, office and storage rooms as well as player areas, to the planning of additional camera positions and media infrastructure, to the verification of the required number of seats for mobility-impaired visitors, cost calculations, calculations of net capacities including seat kills as well as the visualization of technical data (such as floodlighting systems and visibility values), 50 questions about the stadium alone had to be answered and presented. Companeer’s chosen presentation was designed to make the qualities of candidate cities easy to grasp and distinguish from the field of competitors.

For Cologne, Companeer was even able to obtain approval for a temporary capacity expansion for Euro 2024. As a result, Cologne moved up three places in the DFB’s rankings and was able to secure a place among the host cities.

Note to self: in time-honored fashion, Companeer applied soft measures without altering the stadium’s footprint. The concept is not to be mistaken with the feasibility study by Albert Speer und Partner (AS+P), which was prepared almost at the same time and which concludes quite correctly that a structural enlargement of the Cologne RheinEnergieSTADION is not to be recommended from a rational point of view.

Our services

For Munich :
• Project management for the complete application
• Development of all contents for sector 6 (stadium)

For Cologne:
• Development of all contents for sector 6 (stadium)
• Development of a concept for a temporary, soft capacity expansion
• Participation in the approval of capacity expansion

For Schalke (Gelsenkirchen):
• Revision of sector 6 (stadium)

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