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ONxpress Transportation Partners

Project duration
2022 – 2023

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in GTA Public Transportation


The demand for public transportation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has surged, and projections indicate further growth until 2032. Particularly, GO Transit’s regional rail network is on track to become one of North America’s busiest railways, serving over 200 million passengers annually. In this situation, the existing infrastructure must undergo a fundamental overhaul to meet the increasing demands, improve accessibility, reduce overcrowding, embrace new technologies, and ensure ecological sustainability.

ONxpress Transportation Partners, a consortium that includes Deutsche Bahn, is tasked with modernizing and adapting the GO Transit regional rail network through electrification, increased frequency, shorter travel times, and other adjustments to accommodate the growing demand. One of the many challenges is the recognized risk of overcrowding at the network’s stations, for which action plans should be developed.


In November 2022, Companeer took on the task of creating Crowd Control plans for the 69 existing stations of GO and UP Express. In doing so, we developed a rating system to objectively measure potential risks at each station. Using predefined scenarios, we devised measures to effectively control the flow and density of pedestrian traffic, ensuring compliance with a Fruin Level of Service C (LoS C).

Our approach to Crowd Management emphasized preventive measures over reactive ones. Rather than just responding to incidents, we advocated for anticipating and avoiding or mitigating overcrowding before it escalates.

To understand operational processes and provide actionable measures, we analyzed over 700 operating procedures, visited all stations, conducted interviews with representatives from various departments, and created an extensive photo documentation comprising about 10,000 images.

In the end, we delivered a comprehensive package over 1,800 pages long, including:

  • A comprehensive general concept explaining our detailed theoretical and technical approach and highlighting quick wins applicable across the entire network.
  • 69 individually tailored Crowd Management plans for each station.
  • Job aid maps with instructions for station lockdowns and evacuations, as well as to facilitate internal communication during operational disruptions.

Our services

  • Presentation of the state of science on Crowd Management in the field of transportation infrastructures.
  • Development of an operationalized DIM-ICE matrix, i.e., with a stored evaluation system for identifying risks.
  • Categorization of train stations based on the urgency of implementing measures.
  • Creation of 69 Crowd Control plans, as well as current station layouts and work maps.
  • Establishment of a central, relational database and recording of key values per station and platform, such as platform capacities, exit flow rates, current and future passenger numbers, along with a structured visit log.
  • Collaboration with key organizational leaders to understand operations and align outcomes with stakeholders.
  • Thorough examination of current organizational roles and operating instructions, showcasing synergies for Crowd Management.
  • On-site visits to all 69 train stations to assess performance, accessibility, quality of signage, availability of real-time information, and organizational measures, as well as to take measurements, for example, of recent changes to the station infrastructure.

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