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Allianz Arena

Project duration
2011 – 2012

Eight TV studios, 60 camera positions, 690 journalist workspaces


The focus of a Champions League Final lies on the inside of the arena – obviously. It is from here that all the live TV images come; TV shows, commentary, interviews, sound and lights. Even the equipment plays in the highest league here.

  • 60 camera positions
  • 8 TV studios with sound insulation, air-conditioning, electricity and panorama view over the pitch
  • 300 TV commentator boxes on the main grandstand
  • 300 workspaces with desks for the press writers on the main grandstand
  • 90 workspaces for radio commentators
  • 12 interview and presentation areas on the sidelines


The required parameters for the so-called pitch view studios: the best view of the pitch, best possible access to facilities for the film crews, sufficient space for the studio equipment and perfect technical connection to other media facilities.

Companeer developed a plan with eight studios on the open area at the top of the lower balcony. This needed precision work. The studios were newly designed and constructed by Companeer and coordinated with the fire prevention department. Prototypes were built and finalized in cooperation with the TV teams. The studios which had been erected in dry-wall construction were then finally positioned in situ in the tight time slot between the last National League game and start of usage one week before the Final.

Because of its short assembly and disassembly times Companeer chose a modular system for the commentator and press positions on the main grandstand. The system had actually been developed for the European championships in Poland and the Ukraine but was able to make a stop in Munich on the way there. A move that saved both time and money! Companeer took on the schedule coordination and supervision of both installation and dismantling.

For the seven main cameras to be positioned in prominent locations, special podiums were constructed by Companeer and installed by a specialist company to comply with the high specifications set by the UEFA and the host broadcasters Sky.

Our services

  • Needs analysis and coordination with users
  • Planning, tendering and contracting the building measures
  • Coordination with public authorities, approval procedures
  • Management and supervision of workmanship

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