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Allianz Arena

Project duration
2019 – 2021

New shine for the Esplanade


In the course of the redesign of the esplanade in front of the Allianz Arena in 2019, the “balloon lights” that have stood there since 2005 will also be renewed. The replacement is intended to improve the illumination of the esplanade and replace the old energy-consuming lights with new, economical ones.


A year-long development phase involving architects, lighting designers and the eventual luminaire manufacturer will produce energy-efficient, low-maintenance luminaires that blend in very well with the Esplanade’s appearance. The new balloon lights consist of a pole, a 6m long light fixture made of special plastic and LED lamps inside that will illuminate the fixture evenly.

At the same time, the positions of the lights are revised. In the end, 9 old balloon lights will be replaced and an additional 7 new ones will be installed.

Setting up the balloon lights, which are 18 meters high in total, is a logistical and technical challenge, since the Esplanade, as the roof of the parking garages below, may not be driven over with heavy equipment.

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