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Allianz Arena

Project duration
2018 – 2020

Above the clouds


The hydraulically vertically movable cushion elements of the Allianz Arena roof, which were primarily used for heat dissipation, were susceptible to maintenance and often had only limited operability. In addition, the under-slope tracks installed below the stadium roof were continuously fouled by the leaking hydraulic systems of the lifting cushions.

A more robust solution should be found and the lifting cushions replaced. For economic reasons, the client did not pursue the refurbishment of the existing technology.

The big challenge in the project was finding a new solution that was both robust and mountable in a building height of 52 m.


In a pilot project in 2018, four of the nineteen lift pads were replaced for the time being. These had to prove their function over a summer and winter period. Minor adjustments were made as a result of the pilot project, but the four new slat elements proved their worth in wind and weather. Even under freezing conditions, opening of the slats was given at all times.

Subsequently, the remaining fifteen lift pads could be replaced in two further implementation stages in 2019 and 2020, building on the pilot project.

To implement the exchange of the plastic panels, which took place at a height of approx. 52 meters, a helicopter was used as the transport medium due to the decentralized location of the individual plastic panels. Its maximum payload of 1.5 tons has been exhausted to a few kilograms.

Our services

  • Conceptual development of a replacement system and the corresponding execution procedure in cooperation with Objektüberwacher Büro R+R Fuchs PartGmbB
  • Organization of the allocation
  • Project management of the execution including the responsible coordination on the flight day
  • Guarantee management

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