A modular system for infinite possibilities

Re-inventing entry gates

Unique in its design, our multifunctional IO Gate opens up completely new possibilities in the event sector. With the push of a button, it transforms from an entry gate to a reliable emergency exit in less than a second.

IO Gate keyfacts



second from the entry gate to the reliable emergency exit.


more inlets due to new, optimized arrangement.


kilos in weight, sustainably manufactured and robustly designed.

The challenge of security controls

A common issue we observe with many stadiums is rather long waiting lines at the entrances It’s usually not the turnstiles that cause the bottleneck but the security checks where spectators are screened for inadmissible items.

For us this was reason enough to analyze and improve the typical security check process. After prooftesting our concept at the Allianz Arena during regular Bundesliga and Champions League matches, we are convinced that our attempt to re-think stadium entry gates has been successful.

The centerpiece is an ergonomically designed double airlock with a tabletop between the control positions. This offers the possibility of convenient bag control as well as the placement of a trash bag to dispose of unauthorized items such as glass bottles. Feedback from stewards and visitors confirmed an improvement in both functionality and comfort.

Developing our ideas even further, we filed a patent for two different concepts that can be combined in order to place entry gates on designated escape routes and make better use of the existing space used for the entrances.

Concept 1

IO Gate – Entry gates on escape routes

Together with one of the world leaders in event infrastructure, EPS, we designed an entry gates system that can be dismantled so quickly and easily by the stewards that it can even be placed on escape routes. The shelf folds down automatically as soon as the two inner barrieres are demounted and stored on top of the two outer barriers. The resulting space is then free of any obstacles and ready to be used as an escape route once the ingress phase has ended.

Concept 2

Increasing capacity by 50 percent

A staggered positioning of entry gates allows for 50 percent more capacity. This set-up proves very useful to reduce the length of waiting lines, make better use of existing space, and creates more width for escape routes, particularly in case of an emergency during the ingress period. The technology has been tested and is in use at Allianz Arena.

A modular system for infinite possibilities

The two entry gate concepts are designed to be used in combination and can be adjusted to any specific situation on-site. Crowd simulations by accu:rate give proof of the improved entry situation.


We are happy to talk to you about the optimal solution for your stadium entry system.

Technical details

Dimensions (L x W x H)
1,09 x 1,30 x 1,18 m
Standard opening separation system
0,57 m
Emergency exit
1,20 m
Connecting elements, lock tables incl. garbage can

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