C Tower

Innovative. Mobile. Robust. Expandable.

No wayfinding system or signage works as efficiently as personal speech to manage crowds. We have developed the C Tower so that security personnel have the best overview of what is happening and can direct visitors in a targeted manner.

C Tower Companeer
Loudspeaker & LED-screen

Live announcements can be made via the loudspeaker, but pre-recorded announcements can also be played back in an uncomplicated manner.

Weather protection

A roof and side blinds (transparent) provide protection from wind and weather.

Desired color

The C-Tower can be customized in all RAL colors. Of course, logos and lettering can also be applied.


The headlight provides illumination in low light conditions.

Challenge crowds

At events with a large number of people, it is often the case that stewards are used to direct and/or control people. For example, in entrance areas of large events, such as soccer matches or concerts, a large number of people have to be guided at the same time.

Until now, this has been done by stewards or security personnel who stand out by wearing conspicuous clothing, such as vests in signal colors, and who stand between the people.

Better Overview. At any time.

However, if the steward is located between the people, the steward has only a limited range of vision and is himself seen only by a crowd of people located immediately near the steward.

Furthermore, when following spacing rules, it is problematic if the steward is standing in the middle of a crowd and is thus passed with a large number of different people at a close distance.


We are happy to talk to you about the optimal solution for your stadium entry system.

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