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Adjustment and update of plans / Maintenance of the as-built plans
The stadium is alive.


Since the opening of the Allianz Arena in 2005 the stadium and its surroundings were adjusted. Many planners worked on the drawings and created new ones. The project „Adjustment and Actualization of plans“ was started to bring the as-built plans on the current status and into a standard form.


In the first part of the project the as-built plans (status: 2005) were adjusted. In the second part of the project the plans were actualized. The actualization consisted of the the documentation and the measurement on site as well as the combination and the revision of the plans. Missing elements were drawn in the plans, unnecessary elements were removed from the plans. A standardized file structure was created which should be used as a template for all planners who are working with the plans in the future.

To make sure that everybody keeps the structure the Companeer GmbH is distributing the plans to the planners and integrating new plannings in the as-built plans.

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