Bidding for Euro 2024
We make host cities.


The German football association (DFB) intends to host UEFA EURO 2024. Amid strong competition from Turkey, the DFB aimed to identify the ten best host cities from a total of 18 interested candidates by running a highly competitive preliminary round.

Within only eight weeks of time, city authorities and stadium operators needed to answer in excess of 200 questions from eleven different domains (sectors).

All three candidates supported by Companeer succeeded: Munich, Gelsenkirchen and Cologne all belong to the ten host cities picked by the DFB for their bid to host UEFA EURO 2024.


Optimal preparation is the foundation for a successful bid to host international football tournaments. In very little time a large number of tailor-made concepts need to be created to meet the high requirements defined by UEFA for hosting the European championships.

Companeer prepared all stadium-related bid documents in close collaboration with the respective stadium operators and the many local stakeholders like city officials, regional football associations, the fire brigade, the police, public transport authorities, local football clubs, schools, translators, draftsmen, and graphic designers, to name just a few.

Given the emphasis put on stadium-related topics by the DFB in their evaluation of the candidates, thoughtful preparation of the stadium bid documents proofed to be a good investment:

Providing proof of sufficiently large hospitality areas, parking lots, storage rooms, offices, and locker rooms, planning of further camera platforms and media infrastructure as well as a large number of additional wheelchair user positions, cost estimations, calculations of seat kills to determine the effective stadium net capacity, and documentation of numerous technical specifications (floodlights, sightlines, etc.) - more than 50 questions regarding the stadium alone needed to be answered in great detail. The approach chosen by Companeer was driven by the idea to make the quality of our client’s stadiums as transparent as possible in order to differentiate them from the competitors.

In the case of Cologne, Companeer even developed a concept for a significant temporary stadium expansion and got it formally approved by the authorities. This helped Cologne gain three positions in the DFB ranking and secured their status als host city.

Nota on our own behalf: Like we did in Munich before, Companeer increased capacity in Cologne for the EURO 2024 through a combination of a number of small measures and without changing the footprint of the stadium. This is not to be confused with the concepts created by Albert Speer und Partner (AS+P), who simultaneously conducted a feasibility study for a much larger expansion.

Our services

For Munich:

  • Project management for the entire application project
  • Preparation of all stadium-related bid documents (sector 6)

For Cologne:

  • Preparation of all stadium-related bid documents (sector 6)
  • Concept for a temporary capacity expansion
  • Support in acquiring permission of public authorities for temporary capacity expansion

For Gelsenkirchen:

  • Preparation of all stadium-related bid documents (sector 6)

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