COVID-19 prevention in public and commercial areas
Customised concepts for access control

The spread of the corona virus has changed our world forever. Protecting your guests, customers, employees and partners from infection has suddenly become a huge responsibility.

Our collective challenge will be to learn to live with the pandemic and continue to run our businesses profitably. Systems that control access and monitor visitor flow are already playing a significant role in this. These systems will become indispensable in future, especially in high-traffic areas. And legal requirements, such as building and fire regulations, will need to be strictly adhered to.

Integrated planning – so building and fire regulations don’t trip you up

Safety - in terms of protection from infectious disease - is the core objective of access control systems. But at the same time, other essential safety aspects like emergency and escape route planning must not be neglected. German building and fire regulations are complex. Short-term thinking here could lead to additional costs for reinstatement or reconstruction down the line. With an experienced partner like us, you’re on the safe side!

We connect technology and buildings to create efficient, compliant systems

These days, there’s a wide variety of technical solutions at our disposal. Security gates with integrated real-time body temperature monitoring offer reliable support for

  • counting people
  • calculating and monitoring social distancing
  • contactless body temperature measurement
  • compliance with face mask regulations
  • disinfection

But there’s more to it than just the technical side of things. The right solution takes into account human dynamics and integrates intelligently into its environment. It should guarantee safety and be cost-efficient at the same time. And finally, it must comply with the relevant building and fire regulations. To incorporate all these elements, you need a partner who sees the bigger picture.

That’s where we come in to support you with customised, well-designed concepts and future-oriented planning. To ensure safe, cost-efficient and legally compliant solutions.

We will happily manage the entire project to get your new security system up and running.

Intelligent planning for maximum safety and profitability

True, you do need to move quickly now. But at the same time, it is important that you make cost-efficient and future-oriented decisions – so you don’t end up investing twice.

We are here to support you.

Our project engineers and architects are experts in stadium reconstruction and expansion and designing concepts for visitor flow. Partnering with us means you have experience on your side.

Trust in our services – what we offer:

  • innovative systems for access control and monitoring visitor flow
  • customised concepts tailored to your facilities
  • sound design based on calculation and simulation of your pedestrian flow and visitor dynamics
  • compliance with building and fire regulations
  • optimum balance between profitability and efficiency of your investment
  • modular support or entire project management from A to Z

Only Few Steps to a Sustainable Solution!

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Benefit from our strong network!

We are the planning partner for leading infrastructure provider eps GmbH. eps GmbH manufactures an intelligent video screening system that measures the body temperature of moving crowds with high accuracy and in real time. In combination with the security gates of the new GIGS line-up gate series, this system allows for safe access controls of both employees and visitors – in a contactless and customisable solution.

Learn more about eps GmbH

We validate our security concepts with our partner accu:rate. As a specialist in crowd dynamics, accu:rate offers tools for crowd simulations. With our expertise for your facility and their simulation know-how, together we create scientifically sound solutions that ensure optimum capacity and maximum safety.

Learn more about accu:rate

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