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Space concept, media and TV workspace
Hundreds of sports journalists want one thing: to do their reporting undisturbed.


Sports journalists have high standards: They want to watch the game and work at the same time. With no technical hitches. During a Champions League Final, the media area has to function perfectly – otherwise there is trouble.

A few details? What is required: rooms for 90 photographers with secure storage facilities and repair service, a media workspace for more than 200 journalists, 16 flash interview areas, four indoor studios, a press conference room and administration offices.


The Allianz Arena doesn’t lack space. But which rooms are suitable for photos, TV, press? What are the movements of journalists, film crews and photographers? What kind of technical fixtures and fittings are there, how can they be used? Companeer had to take into account numerous parameters to create a coherent and, at the same time, economical space concept.

Working in the background while the arena was running business as usual – holding National League games and other events – the rooms were equipped with furnishings, IT and electricity. When planning the rooms, fire protection directives and workplace regulations (such as light intensity and air-conditioning) also have to be observed.

Companeer planned, coordinated and supervised all work in order to be able to guarantee the handover of the facilities to the UEFA on schedule.

Our services

  • Needs analysis and coordination with users
  • Creation of the space programme, land management and optimization of existing facilities + planning, tendering and contracting the construction work
  • Coordination with local authorities, approval procedures
  • Management and supervision of workmanship

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