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Media TV Compound
Kilometres of cable, dozens of broadcast vehicles and exiled trees


Champions League finals are broadcast in 200 countries. Forty TV stations broadcast the game to an audience of 300 million viewers. That is more than at any World Championships. The infrastructure requirements far exceed the boundaries of a German Bundesliga broadcast.
Alone for the satellite vehicles, UEFA stipulates a paved area of at least 8,000 m2. This must be located in close proximity to the arena’s media areas and offer an uninterrupted view of the southern horizon.


Companeer determined the need for additional space on the basis of the utilization layout of the last Champions League Finals and planned the required infrastructure with cable paths, lighting, offices, sanitary facilities and safety installations.

Trees, bushes and barriers had to be temporarily removed from the designated areas. After the event, everything was put back in its original place. In order to be able to offer the TV stations optimum working conditions, all areas were surfaced with reinforced load distribution slabs. Companeer invited tenders for all services, negotiated quotes and supervised the work.

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