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Cost management
Keeping an eye on everything – without losing sight of the costs


Although the Allianz Arena is regarded as one of the most state-of-the-art stadia in the world, numerous structural and organizational measures had to be implemented to meet all requirements. Every measure, whether structural or organizational, cost money which has to be made available before income is generated.
For the organizer of such a major event, this means that a clearly structured cost management programme is essential. At every phase of the project he or she must be informed about the latest expenditures, in order, for example, to react quickly and be able to take countermeasures should the budget overrun.


The UEFA specifications define all user requirements for sports facilities. Using this guide, Companeer drew up an estimate of the total cost. Budget projections were created for the individual domains, which each domain lead was required to adhere to.
Costs were continuously documented. Each new requirement was evaluated in terms of cost and its possible implementation checked against the budget scope. 
Before contracts were awarded for construction work and services, it was verified whether the costs were in scope with the estimate. If they overran the budget, further quotes would be requested. In individual cases work was re-agreed with the organizer in order to reduce costs.
After completion of the work, invoices were checked and, if necessary, prices renegotiated.

Our services

  • Project structuring according to cost categories in overview
  • Cost estimates, establishing initial budget
  • Ongoing cost documentation
  • Optimization to reduce costs
  • Accounts auditing

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