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Preventing Infection by Companeer
Reopening is a challenge

Do you want to reopen your event or venue?

Then you need to make sure that the infection risk at your events is minimized by implementing an approved and structured infection prevention concept.

The situation needs to be considered carefully ...

... because all permits are currently assessed on a case-by-case basis!

We address your specific situation, take a holistic approach and offer you tried and trusted, integrated concepts. We make it our business to stay up to date with national and local regulations and requirements.

We also take into account in our concepts the particular directives and guidelines of the sports associations, leagues, and event organisations relevant for your business.


Defining protection targets > Risk analysis > Determining measures > Monitoring effectiveness > Documentation

Protection targets

Which factors can influence your plan?

  • Authorities
  • Safety implications
  • Occupational safety
  • Structural conditions
  • Communications & interface management
  • Mobility
  • Visitor groups

Risk analysis

We design concepts so that you ...

  • can hold a safe event.
  • can run an infection-proof operation.
  • have a safe working environment for visitors and employees.
  • consider all interdependencies.
  • are legally on the “safe side“.

In principle, government agencies have already identified and assessed the risks and defined protective measures in the form of regulations, additional requirements and provisions, as well as policies for occupational safety and health. These are increasingly and extensively being supplemented by concepts and guidelines from professional associations and umbrella organisations. However, what is missing is a situation-specific, event-related analysis!

Determining measures

We provide you with expert advice and recommend appropriate and targeted measures:

  • Digital solutions
  • Professional medical advice
  • Coordination with authorities and public health departments
  • Zoning of the site / building
  • Adapted entry gates and security gates
  • Organisational matters

Structural and technical measures may also need to be considered, e.g.:

  • Air quality and ventilation (fresh air circulation and air filtration technologies)
  • Physical separation by structural measures
  • Structural and technical safety devices
  • Automatic control devices and devices for contactless delivery and payment
  • Detection and monitoring devices – also of pedestrian flows and crowd densities
  • Cleaning and disinfection devices
  • Devices for disseminating information

Monitoring effectiveness and documentation

We help you to implement, monitor and document the measures by way of:

  • simulations
  • inspections
  • approvals
  • results-oriented documentation

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